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About Action Realty Sales

At Action Realty Sales, Phyllis Miller’s reach is global, but her expertise is local. It is more important than ever for you to connect with a REALTOR® who knows your area (greater Los Angeles) and works with commercial, residential, and multi-family real estate, while tapping into the worldwide Internet marketplace.

Professional Associations:

California Association of REALTORs®

California Association of Realtors

National Association of REALTORs®

National Association of Realtors

Newport Beach Association of REALTORs®

Newport Beach Association of Realtors

A REALTOR® You Can Trust

As a REALTOR®, Phyllis Miller adheres to a strict code of ethics. Phyllis Miller serves on the California Association of REALTORs® Arbitration Panel, hearing and resolving disputes, providing insight into how and why realty transactions can go awry, and explaining the problems and pitfalls to avoid. Action Realty Sales is an organization driven to provide sellers and/or their representatives with a professional, forthright, and ethical commitment to a successful commercial property sale.

In order to make deals "happen" in today's volatile market, sellers, buyers and REALTORs® need to be creative and communicate effectively. We remain committed and focused on those goals while adhering to the highest code of ethics and business and professional standards.

Licensed Real Estate Services

License #01299951

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Phyllis Miller is gratified to support a wide range of worthy community organizations.

Relay for Life, Cancer Council

American Liver Foundation

County of Los Angeles Public Library

Arthritis Foundation

American Diabetes Association

Children's Hospital Los Angeles